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Light Fantasy

My most popular style, light fantasy maps offer realistically colored terrain with light turquoise seas, warmly toned lands, and an overall bright and happy impression.

If you're looking for a mapmaker to help out with a novel or print-based project, light fantasy maps print exceptionally well and also translate well into grayscale.


Dark Fantasy

A rich and dramatic color scheme, dark fantasy maps are perfectly suited to worlds with tumultuous histories, hidden secrets, and shadowy beasts. The vibrant turquoise seas and warm, red-toned lands create elegant and regal maps. These maps look best in digital projects.



This style most closely approximates vintage parchment maps, with aged paper, rich warm tones, and an overall aesthetic that would be perfectly at home in the hands of an intrepid explorer. While refined and elegant, parchment maps promise discovery and adventure! These maps print beautifully and also translate well to grayscale.

custom city map dnd

City & Village Maps

Cities, towns, villages, space colonies - these maps offer a zoomed-in portrait of the most important settlements of your world!

dnd city map
dnd city map border fantasy

Custom Borders

Illustrated border panels highlight your world's unique features - sky ships, mythical beasts, gods and heroes, whatever stands out in your world! These additions are a great way to add narrative & symbolic depth the map. 


Interior Illustrations

Maps are only one way to incorporate art into your novel - interior title page cards and chapter flourishes are classic additions to any novel. The themes and motifs can be matched to map border panels to create a cohesive aesthetic.


Architectural Diagrams

For buildings that play a particularly important role in your novel, architectural diagrams lay out the most important rooms and passageways. They also provide an immediate visual summary of the style and feel of the building - is it an imposing Gothic castle? A sprawling renaissance library? The ruined stone shell of an ancient temple?

My standard architectural spreads are designed to fit two pages of a novel and include both an exterior facade and an interior sectional diagram.

dnd city map border fantasy

Unique Styles

I'm always happy to make maps that fall outside of my standard styles. If you're looking for underwater cities, asteroid biodomes, unique colour schemes - just let me know!



See more examples of my work and follow my latest projects on my instagram account: @cartographybird 

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