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While I started out in traditional art, I've found the digital process to be perfect for mapmaking - it's a timesaver, and it makes edits possible where traditional media would not. To create my maps I use Photoshop and Inkarnate, a mapmaking software. I routinely reference vintage maps and medieval illuminated manuscripts in order to get the style of my maps just right - and for inspiration when it comes to dragons, sea serpents, and other fantastical creatures!


Hi there! My name's Rachael Ward. I've loved art my entire life but only discovered the art of cartography after graduating from university. When I'm not making maps, I'm likely drawing birds, reading historical nonfiction, embroidering birds onto random things, or standing outside attempting to coax birds onto my hand. I currently reside in Ontario, Canada, with my wonderful partner Ben and our sweet tabby cat Diadem. Why do I list my prices in USD? Most of my clients reside in America. Forgive me, fellow Canadians!

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