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Fantasy Maps for all!

Hi there! My name is Rachael Ward and I'm a fantasy cartographer. I love maps - not only are they incredibly useful tools, but they can be wonderful art pieces too. The digital process I follow allows me to make richly detailed maps without having to price them excessively high, and it allows my customers to edit and revise nearly any aspect of the map they order. My style is inspired by antique maps and filled with fantastical elements - elven castles, the shadows of passing dragons, sea serpents and hidden beasts - to fully realize the complexity of your fantasy world. If you're an intrepid worldbuilder of any sort, let me bring your world to life!

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For the DnD Group

If publishing isn't an issue, you can commission a private-use map. Commission prices start at 120 USD. I tend to be booked a few months out, so send me a message & I'll happily reserve a spot for your project in the coming months!

Send me an email me at

For the Novelist

Are you looking for a map for your novel? I'd be happy to help out! I'm completely comfortable taking creative liberties if you only have a few details, or following your vision precisely if you've already mapped out your fantasy world. If you have a sketch but would like advice on geographic features, I'm happy to offer suggestions free of charge!

My publishing package begins at 160 USD and includes:

- a full colour map

- a print-optimized grayscale copy

- edits and revisions as necessary

- copyright of the images

Additional options include:

- Illustrated border panels for maps, at 75 USD

- Interior title page illustrations, at 140 USD

- Chapter header flourishes, at 50 USD per design

- Architectural diagrams, at 220 USD per 2-page spread

Please reach out to me at for more details.

For the Filmmaker, Indie Developer, & other Creatives

Every project is unique, and I'm more than happy to cater to your vision. As with my publishing package for novelists, my pricing quotes automatically include edits and revisions as well as copyright. Contact me with the details of your project and we can discuss what works best!

Please reach out to me at for more details.


Styles & File Formats

Cartographybird maps come in four core styles: Light Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Parchment, and City Maps. Publishable maps also come with a print-friendly grayscale version of the coloured file.

See my Style Gallery for more info & past examples!

The final map is sent to you as a high quality PNG file, over 5k pixels on the long edge. Files of this size can be printed at most standard poster sizes. Larger files may be possible if requested!

custom fantasy maps
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